Money is NOT the Problem

A guy pulls into an auto repair shop.  He is frantic because his car door will not shut and he is late for work. He tells the mechanic that he needs to get to work and cannot drive because his door will not shut.  The mechanic looks at it and says that he can fix it quick and it will be $100.  The guy agrees.  The mechanic goes into his shop, picks up a hammer, and goes to the car.  After looking at it for about a minute, he carefully takes his hammer and hits one small specific area – like magic, the door opens and shuts perfectly!  The mechanic says that the charge is $100 and the guy is pissed.  It only took a minute and one swing of the hammer, how could he charge $100.  The mechanic replied that the labor was only $5, but knowing where to hit was $95.      In today’s real estate investing frenzy, there is way more money chasing deals than there are opportunities. Every property has multiple offers.  You can invest in anything and deal sponsors can make any numbers look good or bad.  Deal sponsors can show 5 years of success and experience. This is especially true due to the fact that anything that was invested in has gone up in value over the last 5 years! Knowing where to invest, or where to ‘hit’ is where the value is created.     I have a partner that I have invested with.  I have been able to make him about 20% per year.  They have ‘advisors’ that say that the agreement I have with them is unfair – even after making them 20% per year.  I have ~500 investors who are happy with the returns I provide, the transparency, the experience, the communication, and most importantly the team I have assembled.  He wants to renegotiate.  The problem is I have many other partners that would be thrilled with the opportunity I am providing. I am giving him the first look.  I am giving him special consideration, special service, and a great opportunity! I am the mechanic.     If I were to tell you that I have a $100 bill for sale and that I want $50 for it, but you do not have $50, you would find the $50 from someone – right? There would be thousands of people that would assist you in that deal.  If there is a good opportunity, the money is out there.  You would be shocked how much money is out there!  Quick note – read the book The Millionaire Next Door. Money is not the problem.     Money is not the problem, finding the right opportunity is the problem.  With the right opportunity, money will follow.  Finding the right opportunity is like knowing where to ‘hit’.  Anyone can buy something – just because you can does not mean that you should. 

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